Kopaonik a year-round has the ideal conditions for both the active and the passive vacation.

Sports and recreational activities during winter season

During the winter season Kopaonik with well-prepared trails provides enjoyment to all categories of skiers, from beginners to top-level skiers. Kopaonik ski resort covers an area of approximately 62 000 m of roads and ski trails groomed for cross-country and alpine skiing. For lovers of night skiing in the center of the resort is the highlight track “Malo Jezero”. In addition, for the youngest skiers and all other beginners, who are making their first ski steps, there is a special space “ski school” with a conveyor belt that makes it easy to master basic skiing skills.

With artificial snow system it is covered 97% of ski center: Karaman A and B, Pancic peak, Duboka 1 and 2, Sunny Valley, Malo Jezero, Krst, Krcmar, Knezevske bare, Mali Karaman, Marine vode, Karaman and associated ski routes as well as ski resort of Gobelja. Thanks to systems for artificial snow, ski season lasts longer, and skiers, both beginners and those experienced can be confident that during the season they will be able to enjoy well-prepared slopes.

Ski Snowboard Jet Ski

All the tracks are very well connected with the system of ropeway and ski lifts, with a capacity of over 32,000 skiers per hour. This system consists of a six-seat chairlift with a capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, 4 four-seat chairlift of high speed (total capacity of 10,000 skiers per hour), three fixed four-seat chairlift with conveyor belt for loading skiers (total capacity of approximately 6,200 skiers per hour), three two-seat lifts with total capacity of 3,600 skiers per hour, two tow ski lift “anchor” the capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour and eight ski lifts “plate” capacity of 6,500 skiers per hour, and three connecting ski lifts.

Chairlift four-seat “Pancicev vrh” throughout the winter season and in the summer, except for skiers and snowboarders, transports the visitors of center that are not involved in winter sports, but they enjoy panoramic viewing of the center and are engage in numerous other activities that allows the ski resort Kopaonik.

Besides skiing Kopaonik offers and other snow activities that represent memorable winter vacation:

  • Snowboarding
  • Sledding
  • Snowballing
  • Walking on snow
  • Ice Hockey
  • Driving on mountain bikes in the snow
  • Sledding on rubber mattresses
  • Driving the quads or snowmobile
  • Walk through the winter environment

Sports and recreational activities during summer season

In addition to various types of recreation, physical activity and low-intensity walking, enjoying the natural beauties and rarities offered on this mountain are:

  • Walking tours – visiting the most attractive destinations in the National Park Kopaonik, with a guide.
  • One day excursions – seasonal picking berries and collecting medicinal herbs.
  • Mountain biking tours. There are also various programs for children and youth, programs for losing weight and building up of stamina, and many sports facilities are ideal for sports teams.
  • Monastery tours – visiting medieval monasteries and shrines in the area of Kopaonik: Studenica, Sopocani, Djurdjevi stupovi, Gradac.
Hiking Biking Riding

Kopaonik offers numerous adrenaline activities such as:

  • Paragliding
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Panoramic cable car ride
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cable car ride
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Rafting on the river Ibar
  • Bob rail – (Kopaonik is the first such installation in this part of Europe and is a specialist of the ride through the natural forest environment). Installation is 600 meters long and is equipped with a special sled attached to a rail system that can be used by adults and children accompanied by an adult, the two-seat sled.
  • Zip line – a real adrenaline pleasure. It offers the possibility of using the installed cable to fly from one side to the other, with a special panoramic pleasure.
  • Tubing – a plastic surface on which it is possible to sled, with big tires, during the winter and the summer.
  • Ibar River Rafting – with a visit to the medieval town of Maglic
  • Hiking – Pancic’s Peak top, peak Siljak, Kozje stene, Markova stena … hiking trails lead through the beautiful evergreen and deciduous forests, mountain meadows and pastures…
  • Wine tour – tour to Zupa Aleksandrovacka known for quality wine and brandy
  • Horse riding school – on horseback with a guide riding through the beautiful landscapes of Kopaonik
  • School in nature – care for children in lower grades, exploring the nature of Kopaonik, with plants and animals, ecology
  • English language school.
  • From resorts that are under construction, the most important ones are: Metode, Kadijevac, Dorov most, where hikers have the opportunity for active and passive vacation.
  • Touristic tours and routes.